A continuación se detallan los expositores confirmados para el evento y un breve resumen de sus carreras:

  • Daniel Morgan (DBA, USA) Confirmado
  • Hans Forbrich (Developer/Applications, Canada) Confirmado
  • Ben Prusinski (DBA/EBS, USA) Confirmado
  • Ronald Bradford (MySQL, USA) Confirmado
  • Francisco Munoz Alvarez (DBA, NZ) Confirmado

Dan, an Oracle Ace Director and the Morgan behind Morgan's Library on the web. He has been an Oracle instructor at the University of Washington for 9 years and is a member of the UKOUG, the International Oracle zSeries SIG, the former Chair of the Washington Software Alliance's Database Special Interest Group, a member of the OAUG Customer Support Council, BAARF and BAAG. Mr. Morgan is a regular contributor at user group conferences and, with Caleb Small of Camosun College, has developed RAC, Grid, Audit Vault, Streams, AQ, CDC, RMAN, ASM, and Data Guard classes and numerous SQL and PL/SQL workshops. In the last couple of years he has spoken at Open World, Collaborate, Kaleidoscope, for Oracle user groups in California, Canada, Colorado, Finland, Hawaii, Norway, Oregon, Washington, the UK, and Utah. In May of '08 he participated in the EMEA President's Council meeting in Munich Germany and he is currently scheduled to speak at the first conference of the Chilean Oracle Users Group.


Hans Forbrich has been working with Oracle products, as developer, DBA and analyst, since 1984. He is currently an independent consultant for Oracle & Linux as well as a recognized Oracle University trainer in western Canada. A public speaker and frequent contributor in various Oracle forums, Hans is very excited about the possibilities of the Oracle Express Edition for very small to medium businesses and workgroups.


Ronald has two decades of enterprise RDBMS industry experience with MySQL (10 years), Oracle (8 years) and Ingres (7 years) technologies. He provides independent advisory and consulting services solving essential business continuity needs addressing availability, scalability and resilience. He is the 2009 MySQL Community member of the year. Ronald writes on twitter at @RonaldBradford and @MySQL Expert and is co author of Expert PHP and MySQL.


Ben Prusinski is an Oracle Certified Professional with more than 12 years of full-time experience as a database administrator and has written numerous articles and white papers on database management. Ben is the author of two books on Oracle database technology:
Migrate to Oracle: Expert Secrets and Oracle Debugging both from Rampant Tech Press. Ben is also an active member of the San Diego and Orange County Oracle user group community, and he has published various articles for customers and user groups on data management. Ben has been working with databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2 UDB since 1996 and has accumulated over a decade of
practical knowledge and experience with the design and architecture of highly available Oracle database systems with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle Data Guard, Oracle EBS, Oracle Grid Control, Data Warehouse, and Oracle Streams replication. He is also an Oracle expert on database performance tuning, database security, and database upgrades and
migrations .


Francisco Munoz Alvarez is the founder and CEO of DBIS - Database Integrated Solutions and has worked with Oracle since 1989. He is also the President and Founder of CLOUG (Chilean Oracle Users Group), NZOUG (New Zealand Oracle Users Group) and LAOUC (Latin American Oracle User Community. Francisco worked as associate technologist at Oracle Brazil and Chile, was an Oracle instructor for New Horizons Centre Chile and for Oracle Education (Brazil and Chile), and also worked on the first team to introduce Oracle to South America (Oracle 6 and Beta version of Oracle 7). He was also the first Master Oracle 7 Database Administrator in South America. Oracle Certification Levels: OCA (SQL & PL/SQL, 10g AS), OCP (10g DBA, E-Business 11i) and 10g RAC OCE.