Post 1 – 2011: How to Install Oracle Apex 4.0

Posted by Paola Pullas | Posted in Noticias | Posted on 13-03-2011


Preinstallation Requirements

Review and satisfy all Oracle Application Express installation requirements:

  • Oracle Application Express version 4.0 requires an Oracle database (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition or Standard Edition One) that is release or higher. Application Express 4.0 can also be used with Oracle Database 10g Express. I will show you how to verify your database version:


  • Oracle Application Express requires the SHARED_POOL_SIZE of the target database to be at least 100 MB. Ignore this requirement if your configuration uses non-null values for the database initialization parameters SGA_TARGET (in Oracle Database 10g and 11g) or MEMORY_TARGET (in Oracle Database 11g). In my case I am using MEMORY_TARGET, but I will show you how to verify and modify the SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter:


    I will show you the configuration of my database. I have MEMORY_TARGET parameter so I don’t need to follow the steps above:

  • To view or develop Oracle Application Express applications, Web browsers must support Java Script and the HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0 standards. The following browsers are required to develop applications in Oracle Application Express:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later version
    Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later version
    Google Chrome 4.0 or later version
    Apple Safari 4.0 or later version

  • In order to run, Oracle Application Express you must have access to one of the following:

  • Oracle Application Express Listener
    Embedded PL/SQL gateway
    Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql

  • Oracle Application Express disk space requirements are as follows:

  • Free space for Oracle Application Express software files on the file system: 450 MB if using English only download ( and 1 GB if using full download ( You can use operating system commands to verify if you have free space to install the product:

    df -h

    Free space in Oracle Application Express tablespace: 185 MB

    Free space in SYSTEM tablespace: 100 MB

    Free space in Oracle Application Express tablespace for each additional language (other than English) installed: 75 MB

  • Oracle XML DB must be installed in the Oracle database that you want to use. If you are using a preconfigured database created either during an installation or by Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), Oracle XML DB is already installed and configured.

Download and Install Oracle Application Express

  • Download the product from:


  • Unzip downloaded zip file:

  • unzip

  • Change your working directory to apex. For example:

  • cd apex

  • Start SQL*Plus and connect to the database where Oracle Application Express is installed as SYS specifying the SYSDBA role. For example:

  • sqlplus / as sysdba

  • Select the appropriate installation option. In my case I will install the full development environment that provides complete access to the Application Builder environment to develop applications. A runtime environment that is the other option enables users to run applications that cannot be modified. In order to install the full development environment you should run apexins.sql passing the following four arguments in the order shown:

  • @apexins tablespace_apex tablespace_files tablespace_temp images


    tablespace_apex is the name of the tablespace for the Oracle Application Express application user.

    tablespace_files is the name of the tablespace for the Oracle Application Express files user.

    tablespace_temp is the name of the temporary tablespace.

    images is the virtual directory for Oracle Application Express images. To support future Oracle Application Express upgrades, define the virtual image directory as /i/.

    When Oracle Application Express installs it creates three new database accounts:

    APEX_040000 – The account that owns the Oracle Application Express schema and metadata.

    FLOWS_FILES – The account that owns the Oracle Application Express uploaded files.

    APEX_PUBLIC_USER – The minimally privileged account used for Oracle Application Express configuration with Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql or Oracle Application Express Listener.

  • In a new installation of Oracle Application Express, or if you are converting a runtime environment to a development environment, you must change the password of the internal ADMIN account. Change your working directory to the apex directory where you unzipped the installation software and run apxchpwd.sql script:

  • The embedded PL/SQL gateway installs with the Oracle Database 11g. However, you must configure it before you can use it with Oracle Application Express. To accomplish this, you run a configuration file and unlock the ANONYMOUS account:

  • The embedded PL/SQL gateway runs in the Oracle XML DB HTTP server in the Oracle database. You can determine if the Oracle XML DB HTTP server is enabled by verifying the associated port number. To verify the port number where the Oracle XML DB HTTP Server is running:

  • select dbms_xdb.gethttpport from dual;